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Peripheral Arterial Disease

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Peripheral Arterial Disease

Peripheral Arterial Disease

Another common macro vascular complication of diabetes also known as Peripheral Arterial Diseases (PAD). When there is blockage of blood vessels which supply blood flow to the limbs (Particulary lower limbs), signs and syptoms of PAD can develop. Risk increases in person with existing peripheral neuropathy (Read Diabetic Nerve Damage Details). Risk also increases with other co-morbidities like High Cholesterol, Chronic Smoker, Hypertension etc.

Taking care of your ABC, helps in prevention of this complication.

A : A1C (HbA1C) - < 7%

B : Blood Pressure - < 140/90 mmHg

C : Cholesterol - LDL C < 100 mg/dl, Triglycerides < 150 mg/dl